Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

Chasing Silver

Washington, D.C., 2085

Remy Capra lives on the outskirts of society, her gang her only family. When that family is destroyed by a cop who cares more about causing pain than justice, Remy seeks revenge by stealing a mysterious coin, the Silver Maiden, from him. Suddenly Remy is transported into the past—and right into the path of Nathan Pierce.

Los Angeles, 2010

After a terrible betrayal left him injured and reluctant to trust, Nathan quit the police force and shut himself off from the world. He now hunts down criminals on his own...until Remy drops into his life. Nathan can't resist the urge to protect the sexy stranger, nor deny their incredible sexual chemistry.

Remy and Nathan's relationship is threatened from all sides—and times—when their enemies team up to get the coin. Now that fate has brought Remy and Nathan together, nothing can stand in their way.


...Sweat rolled down Nathan Pierce's neck and he gripped the gun with slick palms. He walked lightly, but each step against the solid iron grate beneath his feet echoed in the abandoned warehouse. The air didn't move. It clung to his body, heavy and stagnant, layered over a coating of fine dust covering his exposed skin.

Nathan sensed Tian in the building. Somewhere ahead or above, the other man crept around the stacked boxes. Tightening his grip on the gun, Nathan strained to hear, every bit the predator. In the distance, a siren howled to life. Nearby, a dog barked in response.

As he neared the end of the narrow corridor, he slowed down. Tian could be waiting behind the sharp corner, gun drawn. After three failed attempts to bring the man in, Nathan had a healthy respect for him. This time, however, Tian would come out in cuffs or a black plastic bag; Nathan didn't have a preference.

He slid against the wall and around the corner, his finger poised on the trigger. An empty hallway greeted him. Taking a deep breath, he scanned the dark length of the corridor. Tiny, filthy windows lined the top of the wall, but they allowed only the faintest hint of dirty, orange light. He saw a flight of stairs at the edge of the hall, and a door in the middle, but otherwise, the concrete walls stretched on without a break.

Nathan moved quickly to the door, testing the unlocked handle before releasing it. Dark paper blocked the narrow rectangular window, obscuring his view of the room. He pressed his ear against the door and listened for movement, but he heard nothing except the steady pounding of his own heart.

He eased back, raising his gun in a ready position, and prepared to kick the door open. A mere second before he moved, a window shattered overhead, sending a cascade of glass to his feet. Nathan looked up in time to see something the size of his fist fly through the hole to land on the floor.

Nathan approached cautiously, forgetting about the door behind him. The object's shape took form as he closed the distance, his narrowed eyes picking out each small detail.

A grenade.

"That cocksucker."

Kicking the grenade down the hall, he ran back to throw the door open. He dived into the room without hesitation, slamming the door shut behind him. The explosion shook the building and, behind the thick walls and steel door, a fresh wave of heat rolled down the hall.

Staying low, Nathan scurried behind a large desk. He peeked over the edge to scan the layout of the large and cluttered room. Dust billowed around him with each movement, ir-ritating his nose and clogging his throat. He pulled his shirt over the lower half of his face, stifling the urge to sneeze. The room reeked of abandonment and sweat. His own and somebody else's.

"Nathan," Tian called in a singsong voice. "Did you like my little present?"

"You can add attempted murder to your list of charges," Nathan responded.

"Attempted murder? Did you take that shit personal? I was just playing around." His mocking words echoed off the walls.

He risked looking over the desk again, trying to find the source of Tian's voice, but there were too many places to hide.

"Is Cesar waiting outside?" Nathan asked. "It's going to be a big night for me."

"You think I let you follow me because I wanted to be caught?"

Nathan pulled the knife from his boot and began creeping to the right. "Why did you let me follow you, then? To blow me up with a grenade?"