Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

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For two years, Ares Gallo has been ransacking the galaxy for the woman who meant everything to him. They trained together, killed together, loved together, but now, Anicka Dekker doesn't even know who he is. All she knows every time she meets the enigmatic, scarred stranger is that a part of her trusts him. An even larger part desires him. In any and every way she can have him.

Ares wants his wife back. Despite the scars that have changed his appearance and the chronic pain that destroyed his career, he follows Anicka from planet to planet, finding her in seedy bars, stately palaces, and everything in between. Every time they have a few moments of pure bliss, his hope blooms that this time…things will be different. Then, STRIKE, the organization that wanted them dead, tears them apart, erasing Anicka's memories, and Ares has to start all over again.

But even if she can't remember him, he's certain she'll recognize their bond.

Sooner or later.

Coming from Loose Id, Winter 2010



He said…

So what if I thought he was gorgeous? He was also kind of a jerk. But then our kids decided to be best buddies, and I kept having to see the guy, and…well, keeping him strictly as fantasy material who never opened his mouth got a little harder after that.

He said…

I don’t have time for a personal life. I’ve got a son whose medical history requires my full attention and a company I need to keep afloat in this awful economy. Making friends just isn’t a priority. At least until the choice got taken away from me.

They said…

On the surface, the only thing single dads Peter Irving and Aaron Hardison have in common are their eight-year-old loner sons. But both men soon learn that appearances can be deceiving…

Coming from Amber Allure, January 30, 2011



There is nothing Aleron Pitre can't steal, nobody he can't con and no situation he can't slip out of—until he's sent to the prison planet Tantoret, where every sentence is death. If the prisoners don't kill each other, they'll die slowly from mining the poisonous drug chojal. Yet Aleron still hopes that he can escape.

Only thirty Athaki guards keep the chaos of Tantoret in check, a race of aliens stronger and faster than their human charges. Most intimidating of all is the head guard, Jasak, who has his own reasons for being sent to Tantoret.

Amidst the darkness and desperation, Aleron and Jasak share an unexpected attraction. An attraction neither can resist when Jasak claims Aleron as his mate to protect him. Then they discover that both guards and inmates are planning a coup, while a traitor from an enemy nation threatens the whole planet. Suddenly escape from Tantoret isn't just Aleron's dream—it's a matter of survival for them both.

Coming from Carina Press, February 14, 2011



When Stacy Montenegro reappears five years after she was kidnapped, cold-case detective Olivia Wright reopens the investigation. Her first clue points her to drug lord Gabriel de los Rios and the one detective in the LAPD who knows more about Gabriel than anybody else, Isaac McGuire. The single-minded Olivia works best without distraction, but Isaac McGuire is the biggest distraction she's ever met.

Gabriel is consumed with possessing the supernatural power of the Silver Maiden coins - a strange force that can overcome even time and space - and kidnapping young women is related to his obsession. Olivia and Isaac scour Los Angeles to find Gabriel before he can do more harm, but Gabriel does everything he can to stay one move ahead of them. A growing respect between Olivia and Isaac turns into mutual lust, but Olivia doesn't date coworkers, and Isaac is distracted by a stalker who begins by killing his fish before escalating the harassment.

The power of the Silver Maiden coins becomes frighteningly personal when Olivia realizes she has her own connection to the mysterious coin. When she touches it, she can see things she has no business witnessing, and feel things more vivid than her own emotions. If she can understand her own connection to the coin, she might be able to save the young women counting on her. If the coin doesn't kill her first.

Coming from Carina Press, April 18, 2011